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    來源:http://www.thinkgreeninitiative.com/ 發布時間:2022-03-14
    First, power. The voltage of 380V is the normal voltage of general door and window mechanical equipment. The voltage must be stable. The line shall not affect the use of equipment and personnel operation as far as possible. The ground line shall be protected by shield.
    Second, gas supply. As the pressing of door and window equipment should ensure sufficient air supply, it can be used better. This is the basis to realize the compression of cylinder. Under normal circumstances, the air supply volume and air pressure of door and window equipment have fixed parameter requirements, that is, the air supply flow should reach 0.3 and the air pressure should also reach 8 pressures. In the case of multiple doors and windows, it is necessary to prepare more air tanks, which depends on the actual situation. If the air pressure is not reached, the accuracy of door and window processing equipment will have some corresponding impact, and the processing effect will deviate from the expected phenomenon.
    Third, equipment. There are many kinds of processing equipment for plastic steel doors and windows, and each kind of equipment will have a variety of models, or a variety of equipment parts are different, etc. Therefore, in the installation and commissioning of door and window equipment, it is necessary to coordinate the work of each area and grasp every detail.
    Fourth, in terms of space, in the equipment use site, we should reasonably arrange the equipment placement position, so as to achieve a one-stop process from the storage and sawing of raw materials to the delivery of finished doors and windows, and avoid the problem of blanking in the East and transporting materials in the West.
    Plastic steel door and window processing equipment manufacturer
    Fifth, security. Special personnel shall be assigned to use the equipment for special purpose, and the safe use specifications of the equipment and the treatment methods of safety accidents shall be posted.
    Sixth, equipment maintenance. The maintenance of the equipment shall be carried out by specially assigned personnel, and the power and gas shall be cut off before maintenance. After use every day, clean the equipment and debris, and check whether the equipment is abnormal.
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