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    來源:http://www.thinkgreeninitiative.com/ 發布時間:2022-03-02
    (1) The geometric accuracy of parts includes the mutual position accuracy of size, shape and surface. Frequently inspected items include dimension, cylindricity, roundness, flatness, straightness, coaxiality, parallelism, perpendicularity, runout, etc. According to the maintenance characteristics, sometimes it is not the geometric dimension of a single part, but the relative matching accuracy is required.
    (2) The surface quality of parts includes surface roughness and whether the surface has defects such as scratch, corrosion, crack, peeling, burning and galling.
    (3)零件的物理力學性能 除硬度、硬化層深度外,對零件制造和修復過程中形成的性能,如應力狀態、平衡狀況、彈性、剛度、振動等也需根據‘情況適當進行檢測。
    (3) In addition to the hardness and the depth of hardened layer, the physical and mechanical properties of parts, such as stress state, balance state, elasticity, stiffness and vibration, also need to be properly tested according to the actual situation.
    (4)零件的隱蔽缺陷 包括制造過程中的內部夾渣、氣孔、疏松、空洞、焊縫等缺陷,還有使用過程中產生的微觀裂紋。
    (4) The hidden defects of parts include internal slag inclusion, porosity, porosity, cavity, weld and other defects in the manufacturing process, as well as micro cracks in the use process.
    (5)零部件的質量和靜動平衡 如活塞、連桿組之間的質量差,曲軸、風扇、軸、車輪等高速轉動的零部件的靜動平衡。
    (5) The quality and static and dynamic balance of parts, such as the quality difference between piston and connecting rod group, and the static and dynamic balance of crankshaft, fan, shaft, wheel and other high-speed rotating parts.
    (6) Material properties of parts, such as alloy composition of parts, carbon content of carburizing platform, uniformity of materials of various parts, removal of medium graphite, aging and deterioration degree of rubber materials, etc.
    (7)零件表層材料與基體的結合強度 如電鍍層、噴涂層、堆焊層和基體金屬的結合強度,機械固定聯結件的聯結強度,軸承合金和軸承座的結合強度等。
    (7) The bonding strength between the surface material of the part and the matrix, such as the bonding strength between the electroplated coating, spraying layer, surfacing layer and the matrix metal, the bonding strength of the mechanical fixed connector, the bonding strength between the bearing alloy and the bearing seat, etc.
    (8)組件的配合情況 如組件的同軸度、平行度、嚙合情況與配合的嚴密性等。
    (8) Cooperation of components, such as coaxiality, parallelism, meshing and tightness of cooperation.
    (9)鋁合金門窗設備零件的磨損程度 正確判斷摩擦磨損零件的磨損程度,由磨損極限確定其是否能繼續使用。
    (9) Wear degree of aluminum alloy door and window equipment parts correctly judge the wear degree of friction and wear parts, and determine whether they can continue to be used according to the wear limit.
    (10)密封性 如內燃機缸體、缸蓋需進行密封試驗,檢查有無泄漏。
    (10) Sealing performance, such as the cylinder block and cylinder head of internal combustion engine, shall be subject to sealing test to check whether there is leakage.
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