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    來源:http://www.thinkgreeninitiative.com/ 發布時間:2022-02-01
    鋁型材超效端面銑床主要用于塑料型材、鋁合金型材端面銑削的專用設備,可用于鋁塑門窗螺接中梃型材端面的異性銑削,也可銑削其他鋁塑門窗拼裝中的型材端面,無需定制刀具就可銑削不同型材的端面。本機采用氣動夾緊、工進,一次銑削多根型材,適用于大批量、形狀復雜的鋁塑門窗螺接中梃及鋁塑門窗幕墻等大型材的端面銑削加工,該機結構堅固 、系統剛性好、技術先進等特點。
    The aluminum profile super efficiency end milling machine is mainly used for the special equipment for the end milling of plastic profiles and aluminum alloy profiles. It can be used for the opposite milling of the end faces of stile profiles in the screw connection of aluminum-plastic doors and windows, and can also mill the end faces of profiles in the assembly of other aluminum-plastic doors and windows. It can mill the end faces of different profiles without customized tools. The machine adopts pneumatic clamping, working progress and milling multiple profiles at one time. It is suitable for the end face milling of large materials such as threaded mullions of aluminum-plastic doors and windows and curtain walls of aluminum-plastic doors and windows with large quantities and complex shapes. The machine has the characteristics of solid structure, good system rigidity and advanced technology.
    Aluminum profile end milling machine
    1, the machine has the characteristics of advanced technology, stable performance, reliable work, simple and convenient operation, etc. the two cutter shaft interaction structure makes the milling and tenon processing easy and feasible.
    2. This machine adopts three side edge alloy disc milling cutter, which is self-made by our company according to the cutting requirements. It can also design and process special milling cutter according to the user's requirements.
    3. The cutter bar connects the disc milling cutter with the output shaft of the motor, and the motor directly drives the disc cutter for milling through the cutter bar.
    4. The machine selects pneumatic mechanism for milling. The working cylinder is controlled by microswitch and solenoid valve to make the cylinder drive the motor box to make horizontal and linear reciprocating motion, and then complete the milling work.
    5. The length of the ruler of the profile positioning plate can be adjusted and positioned according to the milling requirements to get used to the requirements of the cutting depth of the easy groove.
    6. The workbench on which the profile is placed is equipped with a compression cylinder, which can clamp the profile in a straight direction, and the clamping is firm and firm.