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    來源:http://www.thinkgreeninitiative.com/ 發布時間:2022-03-10
    Although there is a sealant seal between the broken bridge aluminum doors and windows and the glass, due to the hardness of the surface of the glass and profile, there are always capillaries between the sealant strip and the glass and profile. Outdoor rainwater enters the cavity through these capillaries under the action of alternating wind pressure. This situation is difficult to avoid. In addition to blocking the water as much as possible in the structure, try to drain the water, otherwise it will seep into the room.
    The traditional drainage method is to add a plastic cover after the side opening of the profile. The disadvantage is that the water in the inner cavity is discharged laterally, the power is insufficient, it is easy to be blown down by the wind, and the cover is not beautiful and easy to aging and fall off.
    Advantages of this drainage method:
    1. The drainage outlet falls vertically and the drainage is sufficient
    The drainage outlet changes the traditional horizontal drainage outlet to vertical downward drainage. Under the action of gravity, the water displacement is large. The four drainage outlets can be discharged at the same time, and the total drainage is large.
    2. Prevent the backflow of wind
    The vertical drainage hole avoids the backflow caused by the side wind, and the water is directly discharged out of the body, reducing the resistance and making the drainage more smooth.
    3. No holes, more beautiful
    The drainage hole cannot be seen in the external shape, which is the so-called "hidden" reason. It is more beautiful without adding a drainage cover.
    The above content is the processing equipment of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows introduced to you by Xiaobian today http://www.thinkgreeninitiative.com For more information, please continue to pay attention to us.