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    來源:http://www.thinkgreeninitiative.com/ 發布時間:2022-03-04
    1. The worktable of the machining center is basically rectangular. The large castings are made of mihanna cast iron. Aging and tempering treatment can eliminate the residue, stabilize the material, ensure the stability of workpiece processing accuracy and the service life of the machine tool, and the structure of the whole machine is stable.
    2. Advanced Siemens CNC system is adopted, with good man-machine interface, simple operation and reliable performance.
    3. Imported servo motor, high-precision linear guide rail pair, ball screw gear rack are adopted to ensure stable movement and more accurate positioning and processing accuracy.
    4. High quality imported automatic tool changing high-speed motorized spindle is adopted to ensure processing stability, stable rotation, low noise and strong cutting capacity.
    5. 適用于鋁合金材型、鋁木復合型材、銅型材等輕質合金,以及u-pvc型材的加工 。
    5. It is applicable to the processing of light alloys such as aluminum alloy profile, aluminum wood composite profile, copper profile and U-PVC profile.
    6. Clamping profiles at one time to complete multi-functional precision machining such as milling, drilling, chamfering and slotting.
    7. Equipped with 6-station capacity follow-up tool magazine and adjustable pneumatic special fixture to ensure high-efficiency processing of the equipment.
    8. The double worktable can process two or two profiles at the same time, with interactive feeding and non-interference with each other.
    CNC door and window equipment has focused on the industry for many years and served customers wholeheartedly. Your satisfaction is our development. For details, click: http://www.thinkgreeninitiative.com