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    來源:http://www.thinkgreeninitiative.com/ 發布時間:2022-03-09
    1. 只須腳踩開關,即可自動壓料,自動鋸切,即安全又輕松。 2.氣推油式進刀,切割速度穩定。 3.雙頭鋸鋸切的同時自動霧化噴油,以達到冷確及潤滑鋸片作用,使鋸片不粘鋁屑,鋸片鋒利耐用。 4.兩個鋸片獨自馬達驅動,高轉速,切斷力強勁。  5.采用上壓料和側壓料兩組壓料裝置,將材料壓緊固定,壓料壓力可調整,防止材料壓緊變形。 6.特附有進出料架安置在機臺左右兩端,出料架設有定位擋版,方便定尺寸鋸切。 7. 雙頭鋸同時鋸切,一次可切割出兩個可用45度角,高效且角度拼接準確無縫隙。
    1. Just step on the switch, you can press the material automatically and cut it automatically, which is safe and easy. 2. Air push oil feed, stable cutting speed. 3. Automatic atomization and oil injection during double head sawing, so as to achieve the function of cooling and lubricating the saw blade, so that the saw blade is not stuck with aluminum chips, and the saw blade is sharp and durable. 4. The two saw blades are driven by motor alone, with high speed and strong cutting force. 5. Two groups of pressing devices, upper pressing and side pressing, are used to press and fix the material, and the pressing pressure can be adjusted to prevent the material from pressing and deformation. 6. The feeding and discharging racks are specially attached, which are arranged at the left and right ends of the machine. The discharging is erected with a positioning baffle plate, which is convenient for sizing sawing. 7. The double head saw cuts at the same time, which can cut two available 45 degree angles at one time, which is efficient and the angle splicing is accurate and seamless.
    The machine is mainly composed of saw head, bed, material support frame, control cabinet and so on.
    4.2.1 double head saw head
    The left saw head is a fixed saw head, and the right saw head is a movable saw head, which can move left and right on the circular guide rail. Each saw head is composed of swing angle mechanism, feed system, workbench, workpiece clamping system, saw blade, saw cover, etc.
    The swing angle mechanism is driven by the cylinder and positioned by the limit block.
    The feeding system is driven by air cylinder and feeds in a straight line.
    The saw blade is driven by the spindle motor, and the feed system is the core component of the saw head, which should be maintained during use.
    The worktable is used for the support, positioning and installation of clamping mechanism of profile, and the saw cover has the functions of protection and chip collection.
    See pneumatic schematic diagram for workpiece clamping system.
    4.2.2 double head sawing machine body
    床身是由低碳鋼板經折彎成型后焊接而成的,內部布置有加強筋板,焊接后,經人工時效處理,保證了床身有足夠的剛性。 電控柜上安裝有操作面板,操作控制元件裝于操作面板上,切割工件時,操作人員須按操作程序按動按鈕,以完成型材的切割加工。電控柜可在床身的一定范圍內左右滑動。
    The bed is made of low-carbon steel plate after bending and forming and welded. There are stiffeners inside. After welding, it is treated by artificial aging to ensure that the bed has sufficient rigidity. An operation panel is installed on the electric control cabinet, and the operation control elements are installed on the operation panel. When cutting the workpiece, the operator must press the button according to the operation procedure to complete the cutting of profile. The electric control cabinet can slide left and right within a certain range of the bed.