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    來源:http://www.thinkgreeninitiative.com/ 發布時間:2021-12-06
    The Intelligent NC sawing Center for aluminum profile of bridge broken aluminum door and window processing equipment is mainly used for cutting and blanking of aluminum alloy profile, PVC profile and Bridge broken aluminum profile. The whole process control of the NC system can realize automatic cutting at 45 ° and 90 °.
    Stable high-precision bed, aging treatment, reasonable structural design and convenient operation. It adopts French Schneider control system with com software programming and perfect window operation interface. The feeding and discharging system is fully servo controlled, fast and accurate, and equipped with standard clamping system. The equipment is connected with the optimization software to reduce the operation error of workers, and there is no need for high-level operators. Compared with the ordinary double head saw, the operation labor is much lower. The whole machine is equipped with gas electric protection device and mechanical protection device to ensure safe production. The whole cutting process only needs one person to operate, which is efficient, simple and fast. (standard) code printer, manual code pasting. (optional) it can automatically print labels, which can not only mark profiles in time and quickly, but also provide perfect solutions for subsequent processes.
    For some bosses who have just engaged in door and window processing who buy door and window processing equipment, Xiaobian suggested that they should first plan the area of their plant, the number of employees, the goal of annual output and the demand of the local market. Jinan kaizhiyue machine will customize your standard equipment configuration scheme according to your standards. Then send technicians to track the service. Make sure every penny you spend is worth it.
    The application of aluminum alloy doors and windows equipment brings many advantages to aluminum alloy doors and windows. Compared with the doors and windows made of ordinary raw materials, aluminum alloy doors and windows are more beautiful, with their own gloss and texture, which decorates the decorated environment very well. Secondly, aluminum alloy doors and windows are not easy to rust, can maintain their own state for a long time, have a long service life, and can better adapt to different environments. Aluminum alloy doors and windows are light in quality and convenient for ordinary installation and maintenance. Aluminum alloy doors and windows also have very good compressive strength, which meets the requirements of ordinary applications.
    以上的精彩內容就是小編今天為您提供的內容,更多的精彩內容來自: 斷橋鋁門窗加工設備詳情請點擊我們的網站關注:http://www.tianxincnc.com
    The above wonderful content is what Xiaobian provides for you today. More wonderful content comes from: broken bridge aluminum door and window processing equipment. For details, please click our website to pay attention to: http://www.tianxincnc.com